Tuesday, March 17, 2015


 Title:  Hangover
Fan-drama for the book series:  Daomu Biji (Grave Robbers' Chronicles)

Translator:  ayszhang

Dairytea's comment:  This is an adorable short for the pairing, Kylin Zhang x Wu Xie, in the popular book series Daomu Biji~<333 And Happy St. Patrick's Day! >u<

Audio link:  here
Translation link:  here


  1. Replies
    1. Hahaha ^^ congratz~ the audio drama is super short but I thought why not XD

    2. HAHAHA.. hilarious, he even forgot who he was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      he's worse than mee !!!

      noo i'm worse, sometimes i lose my self at home when i'm going to school. do you believe it???
      impossible right..
      naaaah, it isn't impossible when my whoole life is about my notebooks, whenever i forget them inspiration comes from no where and i don't find where to write TT^TT but whenever i havez them no inspiration comes !!

  2. ai ya, Xiaoge he's so cute =))) Thanku for your eng translations, i met so little blogspots trans long novel danmei and radio drama into english rarely =)))

    1. Thank you for commenting! Yeah, not many people know about Chinese radio dramas. Hopefully I'll start a trend for it soon. ;D

  3. Oh now I feel empty, time to reread this series!

  4. Hi! Can i know whats that audio drama is about? I dont understand chinese. Is it official audio drama? Sorry for asking~

    1. This is a fan-made audio drama. It's an adaptation of a Daomu Biji fanfiction, which we have also translated.